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Familiarize yourself with what I offer regarding nicotine scripts and smoking cessation options, by referring to About and FAQs. Further relevant information is available from QUIT and ATHRA. 

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Consults are $80 (unfortunately, no Medicare rebate is available) – this includes a 6-month script if clinically appropriate.

Rest assured knowing your script is legal, valid and clinically appropriate – provided by an Australian fully accredited general practitioner.

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I will call you for the 20 minute phone consultation. I aim to keep to your scheduled time, but sometimes delays occur. Please be patient, and wait for a ‘no caller ID’ call.

We will discuss your medical and smoking history, cessation attempts, experience with nicotine vaping, and smoking cessation goals.

If clinically appropriate, I will provide a 6-month script which is emailed to you immediately.


Dr Carolyn Beaumont, General practitioner

RACGP, MD, DipChildHealth, BMedSci(Dist), BMus(Hons), GradDipEd

What does the 6-monthly consultation provide?


Who might benefit from nicotine vaping?

The evidence surrounding nicotine vaping

No one is saying that nicotine vaping is 100% safe. There is no long-term data on the safety of nicotine vaping. However, there is a substantial and growing body of evidence that supports the relative safety and effectiveness of nicotine vaping, compared to smoking tobacco.

What does the World Health Organization say about nicotine vaping?

The World Health Organization provides a balanced assessment of the role of nicotine vaping. Click here for the full report. Essentially, although the lack of long-term safety data is highlighted as a major issue, WHO does offer support for nicotine vaping in current smokers who are unable to stop smoking:

What does the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) say about nicotine vaping?

RACGP provides a comprehensive guideline for doctors regarding smoking cessation. The relevant section can be accessed here. In essence, although nicotine vaping is not a first-line smoking cessation method, the RACGP say it ‘may be a reasonable intervention’ in certain groups:
“For people who have tried to achieve smoking cessation with approved pharmacotherapies but failed, but who are still motivated to quit smoking and have brought up e-cigarette usage with their healthcare practitioner, nicotine containing e-cigarettes may be a reasonable intervention to recommend.”

Who is NOT eligible for consideration of nicotine vaping?
Anyone under 18 is not eligible for a nicotine script from me, regardless of circumstances. The Australian legislative position is absolutely clear on this – Vaping (with or without nicotine) is UNSAFE for young people to experiment with. There are valid concerns that vaping when young may lead to smoking. I am absolutely opposed to any measures which portray vaping as a harmless fun youth activity.
Nicotine prescribing and the law