Nicotine scripts for vaping (18+ only)

Script received within 4 - 7 business days

Helping ex-smokers remain smoke free

Nation-wide online consults for your smoking cessation 6-month nicotine vaping script.

$40 (after Medicare rebate).

Scripts written by an experienced Australian Authorised Prescriber of nicotine - Dr Carolyn Beaumont, GP

I am highly experienced in prescribing nicotine for smoking cessation purposes. Any doctor can become an 'Authorised Prescriber of nicotine' by completing some paperwork. But I believe I can offer something else: experience in this field of medicine; vast knowledge of the many nicotine products out there; a single-doctor business who takes pride in helping all ex-smokers remain just that. You'll be in safe hands.

Unlike some other online nicotine script websites, I am not associated with any particular nicotine vaping product. You can access your usual product via script from me (if it complies with Australian safety standards).

Personalised care, helping you stay smoke-free and gradually reduce your nicotine use to a sustainable realistic level that works for you.

Step 1

Gain knowledge

This service is only for smokers who have been unable to quit via other methods. It is not a ‘first line’ quit approach, as nicotine vaping does not have the long-term safety evidence compared to existing methods (such as nicotine patches). 

It is always preferable for you to get a nicotine script from your regular GP. This creates the best continuity of care, maximising your chances of reducing nicotine vaping use over time. But as that access is not possible for everyone, this service provides an alternative way to legally access nicotine for vaping.

If you are new to vaping, it is recommended you choose a device before booking with me.

Consults are $40 for a 6 month script ($86 upfront, then you receive back $46 Medicare rebate).

Although the script is valid for 6 months, you can select your preferred ordering frequency: fortnightly; 1, 2 or 3 monthly (all with enough repeats for 6 months’ supply).

With the script, your product can be ordered from your usual preferred overseas supplier (as long as they fulfill Australian TGA safety regulations).

Alternatively, you may be able to source it via an Australian online or local pharmacy.


Step 2

Book & Pay Online

Book and pay for your online consultation. 

Once payment is approved, you will receive a confirming email – this has the password to access the medical and smoking questionnaire (make sure to check spam and junk too).

Note – there is no actual date/time you book. I process scripts in the order I receive each questionnaire.

The original scripts are stored securely at a medical practice. You receive a digital copy of the script. 

** Note: To keep this service viable there is no further discount available, even for pension or health care card holders. Thank you for understanding.

Step 3

Upload 2 identity documents (Medicare care and photo ID)

Complete online questionnaire

Once you access the questionnaire, start by uploading the 2 identity documents.

Complete the online medical and smoking questionnaire and press ‘submit’.  

All responses are confidential. 

I may need to contact you to clarify responses.

Allow up to 7 BUSINESS days, and as appropriate your script will be emailed direct to you.

Although this is longer than some other online script providers, this is because I take extra time to personally respond to any query, and to provide as much continuity of care as possible. The average wait is currently 3-4 days, but it can extend to 7 BUSINESS days (maximum). Thanks for your patience and understanding.