Australian online consults for your smoking cessation nicotine script.

$85 gap (after the Medicare rebate) for your annual script.

Smoking cessation options, including nicotine scripts for vaping (18+ only).

$85 gap (after the Medicare rebate) for your annualscript. Pay $124.10 upfront, and receive back $39.10 Medicare rebate.

Scripts written by an experienced GP with Australian authorisation to prescribe nicotine.

I am highly experienced in prescribing nicotine for smoking cessation purposes, with vast knowledge of the many nicotine products out there. I'm a single-doctor business who takes pride in helping all ex-smokers remain just that. You'll be in safe hands.

I am not associated with any particular nicotine vaping product or supplier. You can access your usual product via script from me (if it complies with Australian safety standards). With one exception - I don't prescribe any tobacco-based products (eg IQOS Heet Sticks or similar).

My goal: to help you stay smoke-free and gradually reduce your nicotine use to a sustainable realistic level that works for you.