Helping ex-smokers remain smoke free

Nation-wide online consults for your smoking cessation 12 month script

Step 1

Gain knowledge

Smoking cessation options, with a nicotine script provided by an Australian general practitioner.

If you are new to vaping, it is recommended you choose a device before booking with me. 

Consults are $82 for a 12 month script (unfortunately no Medicare rebate or further concession is currently available).

With the script, your product can be ordered from your usual preferred overseas supplier (as long as they fulfill Australian TGA safety regulations). Alternatively, you may be able to source it via an Australian online or local pharmacy.


Step 2

Book & Pay Online

Book and pay for your online consultation. 

Once payment is approved, you will receive a password to access the medical and smoking questionnaire 

Step 3

Complete online questionnaire

Complete the online medical and smoking questionnaire and press ‘submit’.  

All responses are confidential. 

I may need to contact you to clarify responses.

Allow up to 5 business days, and as appropriate your script will be emailed direct to you. 


Dr Carolyn Beaumont, General practitioner

RACGP, MD, DipChildHealth, BMedSci(Dist), BMus(Hons), GradDipEd

  • Dr Carolyn Beaumont is a general practitioner with Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. 
  • Carolyn is a strong advocate for healthier alternatives to smoking. She has helped many Australian ex-smokers remain smoke free. This service began in 2020, as she developed more awareness and understanding of the plight of chronic smokers – those who desperately want to stop smoking and have tried many options without success.
  • Please note: This service is not available for anyone under 18. However she is more than happy to discuss other smoking cessation options for this age group.


  • Nicotine addiction can develop quickly and persistently.
  • In my experience as a doctor, I have found the following: it is almost never simply a lack of ‘willpower’ that prevents you from stopping smoking. The power of nicotine addiction is unfortunately much stronger than even the greatest willpower. There will always be those fortunate people who, despite much exposure to nicotine via smoking, are able to successfully and persistently give up smoking without great difficulty. But sadly, there are many many more who have the best of intentions, and the strongest desire to stop smoking, but find the physical and mental effects of nicotine withdrawal simply devastating. It is for these people that this service may assist.

There is no long-term data on the safety of vaping (with or without nicotine). A substantial and growing body of evidence regarding smoking cessation options can be accessed here, which gives a balanced view of the role of vaping for smoking cessation:


World Health Organization

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Anyone under 18 is not eligible for this service, regardless of circumstances. The Australian legislative position is absolutely clear on this – Vaping (with or without nicotine) is UNSAFE for young people to experiment with. There are valid concerns that vaping when young may lead to smoking. However, I am happy to discuss other smoking cessation strategies with anyone under 18. And please, make sure to explore what can offer you. 

  • See for the latest updates.
  • In Australia, vaping (with or without nicotine) is not recommended as first-line therapy for smoking cessation.