Scripts & Telehealth for smokers | Research & Education

Purchase* your $40 6-month ONLINE pharmacy script here.
Delivery anywhere in Australia.

(*eligible if you are over 18, you've tried other quit smoking approaches, and are looking for a smoking cessation alternative)

$40 script for therapeutic smoking cessation products.

6 month script from an Australian Authorised Prescriber of nicotine.
An online pharmacy dispenses the product, and posts to you ANYWHERE in Australia.
Choose from a large range of Australian Standard (TGO110) nicotine products for smoking cessation.

Step 1: Pay $40 and complete the questionnaire.
Step 2: You will then be redirected to the online pharmacy to select your product.
Step 3: Place your order and await nationwide delivery within days.

Bulk-billed medical followup via SmokerHealth Telehealth can be arranged (for Medicare card holders).
This addresses other smoking-related health issues including lung cancer screening.

The script provides enough product for 6 months (based on a typical heavy smoker's use).
You can also purchase less product depending on your needs, at a frequency that suits you.

Dr Carolyn Beaumont, founder and lead clinician, is one of Australia's most experienced tobacco harm reduction doctors.
She supports your rights to access less harmful forms of nicotine for smoking cessation.