Scripts & Telehealth for smokers | Research & Education

Apply for your $40 6-month ONLINE pharmacy script here*
Delivery anywhere in Australia.

(*eligible if you are over 18, you've tried other quit smoking approaches, and are looking for a smoking cessation alternative)

Step 1: Pay $40 via the secure payment platform

There's a quick pre-screening questionnaire first, to determine elgibility.

Step 2: Do the online medical questionnaire after payment

You'll be automatically directed to the link for it. It takes about 5 minutes. All responses are confidential.

New pharmacy

Step 3: After script approval (takes up to 3 days), upload it to QuitMed online pharmacy

They stock a wide range of prefilled pods and liquids for open systems. These are available legally on prescription.

Step 4: Order your products

Delivered nationwide usually within 3 days.