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Conferences, webinars and other educational presentations

Sept 2023: Speaker at the GTNF Seoul (Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum), providing an overview of Australian smokers’ lived experiences of transitioning from smoking to vaping.

June 2023: Speaker at the annual University of Melbourne Medical School student conference – discussing issues surrounding media and vaping.

June 2023: Speaker at the annual Warsaw Global Forum on Nicotine. One session explores Australia’s prescription-only vaping model, compared to other countries. The other session examines the changing ways in which nicotine is used, its effects on the brain and potential therapeutic uses. 

April 2023: Moderator for the JAPAC tobacco harm reduction webinar. This was a panel of experts from Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore, from the perspective of public health, advocacy and policy.

October 2022: Speaker in Toronto at the annual harm reduction summit ‘Reducing harm, building resilience’ by the Canadian group ‘Less Harmful Coalition’ (a non-profit that educates and advocates for pragmatic approaches to substance use). This is a 1 hour lively discussion with 6 international tobacco harm reduction advocates. 

September 2022: Speaker at the global webinar ‘The Nicotine Debate’ by the Canadian group ‘Less Harmful Coalition’ (recording unavailable).

2022 ongoing: ‘Hidden in plain sight’ – a secondary school presentation about teenage vaping issues, nicotine addiction and the developing brain.