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Frequently asked questions for patients

It’s perfectly understandable to be wary of online scams these days. To reassure you, the owner, Dr Carolyn Beaumont, is a fellowed GP with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. You can check her registration details here. Registration number: MED0001925657

Your script usually takes a couple of days to approve, as it is not an automatic ‘tick and flick’ style script. Depending on your circumstances, I may need a further telehealth consult (included in the initial price).

Please don’t email me about script updates, unless it has been over 1 week! 

You will be advised via email when the script is approved, and ready for upload to Quitmed online pharmacy.

After the script is provided, refunds aren’t given for change of mind. However if simple changes are needed, this is generally done free of charge.

$40 for a 6 month script, for pharmacy products.

Unfortunately no, the pharmacy script price is set at $40 for all. I have many patients on concession cards, and this cost factors that in. 

No. Currently the $40 prescription is private.

However, I also offer a bulk-billed (for eligible patients) medical telehealth service via Health104. This provides preventive health care for smoking-related concerns. Things such as regular lung cancer imaging, cholesterol and blood pressure management, and respiratory conditions can all be managed this way. 

Yes! There is no penalty for individuals using products from overseas. Fines are only for commercial groups trying to import products after March 1. 

As long as you’ve received your product from overseas before March 1, you will NOT be penalized for using it in Australia after this. 

Yes! I have been prescribing these products since 2020, and will continue to do so. 

The only change is that you need to purchase your products via the Australian pharmacy options, rather than from overseas.

Unfortunately due to legislation, I am unable to list particular brands on this site.

After your script is approved, I will email you a product list specific for Quitmed pharmacy. Be assured there is a wide range of legal products available through this pharmacy.  

As a doctor I am not aligned with any particular brand. 

I partner with the Australian online pharmacy ‘QuitMed’. They have a wide range of Australian-standard products, liquids and pods. They post your product anywhere in Australia within 2-3 days. Once you have a script from me, you can create an account with them via this link.

I provide enough supply to cover the average heavy smoker’s needs. The script has a monthly supply (plus 5 repeats), giving 6 months’ supply total.

I legally can’t give specifics here, but be assured your needs will be covered to keep you smoke-free no matter your circumstances. 

Australian therapeutic smoking-cessation products adhere to strict quality control, via the Australian safety standard ‘TGO110’.  

This ensures your product has a known nicotine level, is produced only in approved facilities, and is free from contaminants. If any batch issues do occur for some reason, the product can be recalled and is fully traceable to the original manufacturer. 

However, no nicotine vaping products have undergone TGA assessment for quality, safety and efficacy.

If it is going into your lungs, then don’t even consider blackmarket vapes. You don’t know who makes them, there is no official quality control, and no management of contaminants.