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Preferred suppliers:

I am not associated with any particular nicotine supplier. However, I recommend these NZ suppliers, as their products conform to the Australian e-nicotine safety standard TGO-110. There will be other reputable suppliers that I’m not aware of – please let me know, as I’m happy to expand my list of good suppliers:


Vapoureyes NZ

Vapo NZ

Wicknwire NZ

Podlyfe NZ

Premium Vape NZ

Vaporium NZ


Wild By Instinct


Tobacco-containing products are not available from me (includes Iqos HEET sticks)

For the time being, I have made the decision to NOT prescribe any tobacco-containing nicotine products. This includes the IQOS Heet stick (a tobacco-based ‘heat not burn’ product developed by Phillip Morris), other ‘heat not burn’ tobacco products, ‘snus’ and related products. This is based on my personal concerns about the relatively limited safety evidence regarding tobacco-containing nicotine products. At this stage, it appears that tobacco-based nicotine products are potentially not as safe as non-tobacco nicotine products – based on their carcinogen profile, emissions and extrapolated longterm health risks. 

Until there is more solid and long-term safety evidence regarding the safety of IQOS Heet sticks and similar products, I remain unconvinced of the merits of prescribing these as a smoking cessation option. 

If you currently use tobacco-containing nicotine products, I’m more than happy to discuss other options with you.

Selected Australian pharmacies to fill your nicotine script for vaping:

I am not associated with any  pharmacy. These pharmacies are listed based on my current knowledge, it is not an exhaustive list. 

There are currently selected brands of disposable pods available directly from Australian pharmacies. Certain liquid nicotine (non pod) products are available also. Contact me or the pharmacy for further details of these brands.

These products all conform to the Australian e-nicotine safety standard TGO-110. However, they are not actually TGA approved products (there are currently no official Australian TGA approved nicotine e-products).


An Australian online pharmacy 

Chemist Warehouse (selected stores) stock ‘NicoVape’ disposables

Terry White chemists (selected stores)

Releaf Pharmacy (Victoria)

Basgers Pharmacy (NSW)

Optimal Pharmacy (Quinns Rock WA)