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Radio interviews and webinars

2023: Selected 30 second commentary across national radio, as spokesperson for The Quit Collective.  

Sept 2023: 9 minute interview on 5AA Talking Adelaide radio, as spokesperson for The Quit Collective. Includes teenage vape issues; GP access issues for vape scripts; regulated versus blackmarket vapes. 

July 2023: 4 minute interview on 2CC Talking Canberra morning radio, as spokesperson for The Quit Collective. Commenting on nicotine script access difficulties, regulated vapes and its role in smoking cessation. 

February 2023: Interviewed by GFN.TV, discussing Australian laws and issues surrounding adult smokers accessing healthier alternatives.

October 2022: 30 minute podcast produced by ‘Less Harmful Coalition’ (recording pending): about Australian vaping laws, and various experiences adult ex-smokers. 

October 2021. Interviewed on ABC Radio Perth, regarding vaping for adults (audio now unavailable):

Nov 2020: Presenter for the Sydney Addiction Webinars by the Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney. 

Topic: ‘Vaporized nicotine for smoking cessation: why and how’